Return Of Summer Temps Across Oklahoma

Wednesday, June 27th 2018, 4:02 am
By: Alan Crone

The last of the leftover showers and storms dropped off the radar around 230 a.m.  It looks like we’re heading up for a very humid afternoon with temperature heat index numbers from 105 to 112 in a few spots.  A heat advisory will be underway today and tomorrow for most of northeastern Oklahoma and southeastern Kansas.  Some data will drop the dew points a few degrees Friday into Saturday as the mid-level ridge also migrates slightly eastward for a few days while another weak trough approaches the region.  This may bring us a few storms Saturday night into Sunday morning and possibly Sunday night into Monday morning.  We’ll keep our slight chances up for this period but will not make any major temperature modifications for the highs other than to drop them a few degrees Sunday and Monday. 

Interactive Radar

The ridge is expanding today and will be strongest to our west where some triple digits will be likely across far southwestern Oklahoma and a few spots across the west central part of the state.  The recent rainfall and relatively lush green vegetation will pump moisture back into the boundary layer (evapo-transpiration) and generally keep the highs down about 1 to 2 degrees from where they would normally end up in this thermal pattern.  We’re shooting for 98 in the metro.  The heat index could be anywhere from 108 to 110 at the max.  I wouldn’t be shocked to see a 112 to 114 in a few spots today for an hour or so at peak heating.  Ridiculous. Weather Apps

After our weekend bump in the road, both sets of medium to longer range data ( EURO and GFS) bring a stout 594 ridge into the central US extending from a very hot center across the Rockies.   We’ll be right back into the upper 90s getting closer to 100.

Thanks for reading the Wednesday morning weather discussion and blog.