Skiatook Teen's Lawnmower Stolen After Two Years Of Saving

Monday, June 25th 2018, 6:19 pm
By: News On 6

A thief has forced a Skiatook teenager to put his lawn care business aspirations on hold.

Fifteen-year-old Jay Fohey said he saved up for months to buy his own lawn mower to start his lawn care business, but, less than a month after finally buying it, he said it was stolen right out of his front yard.

"I'm trying to start up my own business," he said.

Jay Fohey saved $3,000 to buy a fancy lawnmower to start a lawn care business.

"I have a 52-inch, zero-turn Hustler Raptor," Jay Fohey said.

His dad said Jay saved up for almost two years before buying the machine.

"He was actually working when he was probably 12 and 13 years old. He had a great work ethic," he said.

And 28 days after the mower was bought, someone stole it in the middle of the night.

"It's heartbreaking. Heartbreaking just to watch him," said Jay’s mother, Debbie Fohey.

A local gym caught some snapshots of the truck as it drove away that night.

"We had the trailer secured with a lock on it and everything, and so they had to really be aggressive just to get it out of here," Jay’s dad said.

Now, Jay's father said he hopes the thief sees this story and acts on it so Jay doesn’t have to save for two more years to continue chasing his dream.

"Reach down and find their heart one time, and try to help this young man out. But if not, he's still gonna mow," he said.

Jay said, "I'm not upset, I'm just disappointed in him. I figure a grown man would understand to work for his money, not steal from other kids."