Nonprofit Group Building Bikes For Tulsa Ride Share Program

Saturday, June 23rd 2018, 5:46 pm
By: Amy Slanchik

The nonprofit "This Machine Tulsa" says there's a demand for more access to bikes and they're coming soon. Volunteers are working to build those bikes that will be part of a ride share program.

Before these bikes hit the pavement hundreds of parts are being put together. That includes some high-tech equipment that will be used to check out each bike.

"We have a system down now. We unpack it all and have our assembly line style," said volunteer Katelyn Whitt.

The 160 bikes coming soon to Tulsa streets look a lot different than the familiar pink bikes along the Arkansas River. The non-profit "The Machine Tulsa" says the "Tulsa Townies" which have been around since 2007 are still getting a lot of use and there's a demand for more bikes.

"We have so much infrastructure for roads, but we don't have enough for bikes and pedestrians. So, I'm excited to be a part of something where we're creating more access within the city for all people," said Whitt

"This Machine Tulsa" bikes will be available downtown first with a bigger picture in mind.

"We definitely have plans to expand to the Kendall-Whittier district, the SoBo district or also known as the South Boston district, Cherry Street, Brookside and also The Gathering Place," said This Machine Tulsa Executive Director Daniel Sperle.

The nonprofit will launch the rideshare program on July 27th at the Guthrie Green. Cyclists can ride away from that event for 2 dollars every 30 minutes.

There's still a lot of work left to be done before these bikes are ready. Anyone who wants to help out can volunteer. Just click here