New Liquor Laws On The Ballot In Some Counties

Friday, June 22nd 2018, 10:13 pm
By: News On 6

On Tuesday, voters in several Green Country counties will vote whether to serve liquor in restaurants seven days a week. A yes vote could mean a big economic hike for some businesses.

On weekend nights, Muskogee Avenue is a hot spot in Tahlequah but on Sundays, it looks a little like a ghost town, especially when classes end.

“During the summer we lose a little bit because students are gone,” said Justin Kelley, general manager for The Branch. “We’ve got to be like one of the last state’s that’s done it.”

But that could all change Tuesday if Cherokee county voters opt to modify liquor laws to include liquor by the drink in bars and restaurants on Sundays. If it passes, it would be a big boost for the restaurants like Kelly’s.

"We probably have the biggest variety in Tahlequah, of just random liqueurs, finer liquors, and scotches. [People] want something to do on Sunday's. A lot of people go to the river, but whenever it's cooler outside this would be a nice little Sunday fun day spot where people can come and drink. So, Sunday's would probably end up being one of our busier days."

Kelley says it could bring in close to a dozen jobs on this row of businesses alone. News On 6 reached out to several churches in the area to see what they thought about the potential change but didn't hear back.