Bodycam Video Shows Owasso Suspect's Fight To Escape Police

Friday, June 22nd 2018, 5:21 pm
By: News On 6

A shoplifting call took a dangerous turn for Owasso police. Cameras caught just how hard the suspect tried to get away.  

Jason Lott is here in the Tulsa County jail - but that took some doing. Owasso police say Lott ripped out Taser strings, rammed into a police car and nearly ran over an officer while trying to get away.
It started at the Kohl's in Owasso when police say Jason Lott jumped into a car trying to get away. Bodycam video show an officer Tasing him. After several orders to stop the car, Lott rips the Taser lines out of his body and speeds off.

"At some point he starts the car and rams the police car. Luckily the officer wasn't in it, he was engaged in trying to get the suspect out of his car," said Lieutenant Nick Boatman, Owasso Police.

Lott didn't get far before crashing in the parking lot. Police says he then tried hide from them in the bed of a pickup truck, but a witness told officers where to find him.
When police found Lott hiding, they discovered something else about their suspect.

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"The officers ended up confronting him in the back of that truck, and the guy - even after he used that force to escape - he still didn't comply with the officers commands. 

"So not  only did they pepper spray him when he failed to get out of the truck, at some point he attempted to reach into a prosthetic leg. There's no telling what was in there, so the officers ended up extracting him from the truck at that point," Boatman said.
Police say that prosthetic leg actually came flying off Lott when they pulled him out of the truck.
"This could have been handled with a citation and a court date, and he ended up going to jail for a serious felony crime," said Lieutenant Nick Boatman, Owasso Police.