Owasso Car Wash Burglar Strikes Again

Thursday, June 21st 2018, 6:06 am
By: Joseph Holloway

New photos of a man caught stealing money from an Owasso car wash. Police believe he may be connected to several Owasso burglaries, including two at the same car wash.

The owner of the Washworld Car Wash in the 8900 block of North 145th East Avenue say the thief ripped out the coin changer stealing about $75.

In the photos, the man is standing outside a red pickup breaking into the coin machine inside a wash bay. This is the second time in a week the business has been hit by the same guy.

Surveillance video shows where the coin changer machine used to be before the owners of Washworld Car Wash say the thief ripped it out and stole money from it.

The video shows the thief attaching a chain from his truck to the coin changer. After a couple of attempts he rips the machine off the wall, collects the change and drives off.

Manager Rachael Strealy says he did the same thing to another wash bay earlier this week.

"When you have two bays down and only three open, then that means only three people can be washing at once, and that's it. Then, you start lining up and people drive by and think, 'Oh, well they're lined up, I don't wanna stop and wait. I'll just come back another day.’ Well they may not come back another day," Strealy said.

She says the burglar tried to hit one of her family's other car washes in Broken Arrow but the owner confronted him and he ran off.

They got a good look at his license plate number, which is CNR-311.

Strealy says she wonders what the man is thinking.

"Come and ask to mow the lawn or something like that, that we can pay you and be a respectable job instead of coming in and destroying property that's gonna cost thousands to fix," she said.

Other Tulsa-area car wash owners say the same guy is targeting their businesses.

News On 6 reported on a theft at the car wash on Monday, June 18th.

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The owner say the man cost his business $10,000 to get the machines replaced and they are losing thousands in revenue because they had to close two wash bays.

If you know who he is call Owasso Police at 918-272-2244.