Wendy's Employees In Catoosa Report Finding Mouse In Bag Of Hamburger Buns

Friday, June 15th 2018, 10:02 pm
By: News On 6

A video shared on social media shows a mouse inside a bag of hamburger buns at a Wendy's restaurant in Catoosa and now corporate is investigating.

Employees say they not only found the mice disturbing but also the cigarettes left on the counters at their sandwich stations. Now they believe something needs to be done.

"I go in and I see it's moving around in the bag and you can see like rat feces and all that and it was just disgusting," said Skylar Frame.

Skylar was at work yesterday when she says she saw mice racing through the buns. She says her coworkers reported it to a manager but were told to continue serving customers.

"I was like what am I supposed to do with the buns and she's like take the stack, take it down and go use some other buns," Said fellow employee Samantha Nibbelink.

"There was no stopping, so we had to keep going." Said employee Vincent Vang.

Today the restaurant was open to customers. Wendy's sent us this statement, saying in part,

"We immediately launched an investigation with our pest control vendor and internal quality assurance experts to ensure immediate and appropriate action is taken. We have stringent procedures in place to ensure a safe and well-maintained restaurant."

All the employees want now is to know that health and safety at the restaurant will be taken seriously.

"I just want to know how many other places this is going on and who else isn't taking this seriously," said Skylar.

The Rogers County health department also sent us a statement saying

"We are taking these allegations very seriously and are working to ensure that this facility is in compliance with all department of health regulations."