Sapulpa Family Wants Answers After Mysterious Dog Deaths

Thursday, June 7th 2018, 5:36 pm
By: News On 6

A Sapulpa family is looking for answers this evening after they say someone may have intentionally killed their two dogs.

Moose and Noah, both died under mysterious circumstances and their owners want answers.

Stephanie King and her family never imagined they would be forced to say goodbye to their two beloved family dogs.

"I don't understand why it happened. They are not malicious, they are not violent they are not aggressive," Said King.

Stephanie says her 3-year-old lab Noah was nowhere to be found earlier this week. She says Moose, her 9-month-old Bull Mastiff, ran up to her in a panic and she knew something was wrong.

"He came sprinting up into the driveway and as soon as he got into the house he stiffened up and fell over."

Stephanie says they rushed Moose to the emergency vet only to learn it was Strychnine poisoning. He died just a few moments later.

"It sucks to have something that you love so dearly taken from you, you know."

The next day, the family searched the woods along their property and found their other dog, Noah laying lifeless in the grass.

When they said her goodbyes and began to bury him, Stephanie says she noticed half of Noah's head was missing.

"We found Noah and he was shot in the head and it was horrific."

Stephanie says she spoke with Creek County Sheriff's Office, but there was nothing they could do to help. She says her neighbors have never complained about her dogs and she can't imagine who would do this.

"It's kind of scary. It's kind of scary that that type of cruelty is just lurking so close by."

Deputies say a something like this is very hard to prove.