Bartlesville Man Arrested After Attacking Vehicles With Ax

Wednesday, June 6th 2018, 9:46 pm
By: Justin Shrair

A man is in jail after destroying two cars with an ax on Monday. Brendan Boosey recorded the event on his cell phone.

"He was throwing on all this nonsense about losing his chain somebody took his chain and he wasn't leaving until he got his chain," said Boosey.  "He said none of you are leaving until I get my chain back and that’s when he pulled out the ax from his car which is still over here and started bashing out the windshields".

Bartlesville Police have identified the man as Aundre Nuckols and that the chain in question was a piece of gold jewelry. In the video, Nuckols is first seen smashing the windshield of a car with a woman and a small child inside.

"He struck the windshield twice, you see her try and get out of the car and try to reason with him, and he reaches in and grabs the keys out of the ignition of the car," Bartlesville Police Captain Jay Hasting.

In the video, a man is seen confronting Nuckols before Nuckols hits yet another car. Nuckols then walks over a to another care and puts the ax away.

Just seconds later Police are on the scene, and at least one officer has his gun drawn.

"Obviously he tried to hide the ax before the officers showed up and he did go to his car and get some items of drugs or something," said Capt. Hastings.

No one was hurt and police arresting Nuckols on a number of complaints including aggravated assault. Police say this was a textbook takedown.

Police have stated that while a second man was placed in handcuffs he was not arrested. Also at some point, after Nuckols was arrested, the first car he hit was lit on fire.

Police believe its arson-related and are still looking for more information.