TCC Summer Camp Offers Wide Range Of Activities

Wednesday, June 6th 2018, 6:55 pm
By: News On 6

Still looking for a camp for your kids this summer? TCC's College for Kids still has openings.

Learn to make a drone, make movies on a smartphone, or how about Intro to Improv?

Theater camp is part of TCC's College for Kids. Summer camp options that run through June and July.

“It's fun you get to make up your own scenes, especially in this game they're playing called switch," said one girl. 

The players create a scene.

"Alright matey, you're walking the plank ... we got a couple a sharks down here that are gonna eat ya," explained someone setting the scene. 

They play along. Then...


And the scene changes; it's improv.

“That's the rewarding thing about this, you get kids who have never done theater before, you get them in this situation and they blossom," said Mark Frank. 

Frank is the Chair of Visual and Performing Arts at TCC. College for Kids is not all about theater. This summer, kids can learn to create movies on a smartphone or build drones and robots.

“I make so many friends here," one girl said. 

More information about this summer's College for Kids is available here.