Mother, Child Injured After Car Drives Into Broken Arrow Library

Tuesday, May 29th 2018, 6:56 pm
By: News On 6

A mother and her 4-year-old child are recovering after being hit by a car at the South Broken Arrow Library.

Witnesses to the crash say the library was packed at the time.

The first thing that came to Jordyn Wright’s mind when she saw a car coming towards the library windows were her children.

“I see my 2-year-old and I just grab him and grab her and I’m just screaming for Landon because I didn’t see him anywhere,” said Wright.  “I’m just holding them, just freaking out, wondering if the car is going to keep coming through the window.”

She says she saw the car back up, turn towards the library, and hit the front windows.

“Everybody is just screaming and running and it was just chaotic,” she said.

Police say a man lost control of his car while he was backing up outside the library, hitting the mother and child.

Instead of putting the car into park, police say the driver pulled forward and rammed into the front windows of the library, injuring the child a second time.

“I just saw people run outside and it looked like there was a kid pinned under the car and I just heard a kid screaming,” declared Wright.

According to police, a bystander freed the child’s hand from under the car.  The mother and child were taken to the hospital injured but in stable condition.

“I hope he’s alright because I know that he was hurting and it looked really bad out there,” said 11-year-old Sophia Stirrett.

Wright says, since the accident happened, all she’s been able to think about is the injured child.

“I just hope he is okay,” she said.  “I just could imagine that it could’ve been one of my kids.  We could’ve been walking in or walking out and that could’ve happened to us.”

Officers say the driver was given a ticket for reckless driving, but there were no signs that he was impaired or that any kind of medical issue happened.

They say, however, that there is a pending driver review.