Grand Lake Fawn Rescue Caught On Video

Friday, May 25th 2018, 6:46 am

A group of fisherman saved a baby deer from Grand Lake Thursday and recorded the whole rescue.

The three Claremore fishermen were fishing in a tournament when Randy Dorsey spotted something that looked out of place swimming in the water near a bluff. 

At first, the men weren’t sure what it was, because it was so small.

As Rodney Roush steered his boat closer, the men saw it was a small fawn, and it was swimming straight toward the boat.  It was almost like the deer knew the men could help, which they happily did.

Randall Dorsey, Randy’s son, grabbed a fishing net and scooped the exhausted fawn out the water.

"We just rescued a baby fawn that was about to drown. Fell off the bluff. I mean, it is a tiny little thing," said Randy Dorsey. “He came swimming to us, said ‘that’s my only chance.’”

A wildlife biologist tells News On 6, the fawn is between one and two weeks old.

You can see in the video, the fawn is in good shape and very glad to be out of the water. 

The fishermen took the small deer to Wild Heart Ranch, where it is being cared for now. They say it is expected to be just fine.

Wild Heart needs help to look after orphaned animals like the fawn. They said they have had more than 100 orphans dropped off just during the last few days. That means the Claremore wildlife rescue is caring for more than 500 animals.

They say all the animals are being raised for release. 

Find out how you can help Wild Heart Ranch rescue wild animals.