Suspect In Okmulgee Attempted Robbery Hoax Tells Her Side Of The Story

Wednesday, May 23rd 2018, 10:00 pm
By: Justin Shrair

A woman, who Okmulgee police say confessed to an attempted robbery hoax, tells her side of the story.

Casandra Brown is in the Okmulgee County Jail for the alleged hoax.

She says she is innocent and that she was set up.

Brown says she never admitted that the incident was a hoax and that, while she knew something was going to happen, she didn’t know a robbery was being planned.

Calmly sitting down, her hands and legs shackled, Brown recounted what she says happened at the Okmulgee McDonald’s on Monday.

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She says three people approached her in the drive thru with something wrapped in a sock, which she thought was a gun.

“I don’t know what it was and they had it pointed to me.  They were yelling to ‘give me [your] money and I was telling them ‘no,’” she said.

Brown says she tried to get help from some other employees and that none of them knew how to open up the register.

Before a manager arrived, Brown says, she was threatened and feared for her life.

“They were like, ‘you better throw some money outside or we’re gonna shoot you on your way home because we know what way you walk,’” she said.

Okmulgee police say Brown, along with three other people, were all in on the attempted robbery.

They arrested Brown and Wilburt Rivers, questioned a juvenile, and began searching for a fourth person.

Brown claims she was set up and is innocent.

“I never admitted to anything that it was a hoax,” she stated.  “I was a good kid and then came and I’m hanging around with the wrong people.”

She says that she blacked out during the ordeal.

According to Brown, she only knew one of the suspects and didn’t know they were going to try and rob the McDonald’s.

She says she just hoped people realize she is wrongly accused.

“It would’ve been okay if they came and got some food, but to try to rob me, who does that?” declared Brown.

Brown is being held on conspiracy to commit robbery.

The investigation is ongoing.