Oklahoma Senator Calls For Overturn Of Governor's Vetoes

Wednesday, May 16th 2018, 9:34 pm
By: Ashley Izbicki

Republican Senator Nathan Dahm wants lawmakers to repass some bills the Governor vetoed or to override those vetoes outright.

In Oklahoma the Governor can call for a special session or one can be called if two-thirds of Senators and House Members sign a petition. Senator Dahm says he's not just concerned with vetoes from the current session, but every veto of Governor Fallin's time in office.

"The call that I am proposing would be for any legislation that the Governor has vetoed over the last 8 years,” said Dahm.

Senator Dahm says some of the more recent vetoes include a measure that would have created a rainy-day fund as well as a bill that would have allowed local input before a highway around Muskogee is rerouted.

Another bill Dahm wants to be repassed is one of the more hotly debated bills from the most recent session, Senate Bill 1212. The constitutional carry bill that would allow any Oklahoman over the age of 21 without a felony conviction to carry a gun without a license.

"All things that she campaigned on, said she would be supportive of, but then her actions prove otherwise. And these would all be things that the majority of the legislature has supported in the past, that the majority of the people of Oklahoma seems like they would support, so this would give us an opportunity to correct some of those errors," said Dahm.

According to Senator Dahm, there is no deadline to gather the signatures so if 32 senators and 68 representatives sign off another special session will be scheduled.