Storm Damages Phat Philly's In Tulsa

Thursday, May 3rd 2018, 6:09 am

A Tulsa restaurant plans to reopen Friday after storm damage forced it to close for a day. Phat Philly's is located at 13th and Peoria.

"I can't believe it's not all over town," said business co-owner Jason Smith. "It's just our spot, and I don't know where all this stuff came from."

Strong winds caused the roof of a nearby business to blow off, leaving lots of debris in the parking lot of Phat Philly's as well as knocking over a billboard onto the restaurant's roof. 

Employees showed up early Thursday morning to start the clean-up process. They saw plywood and shingles scattered all over the parking lot, but they believe it blew over from the other business.

The building has some roof and wall damage, and there are some leaks in the ceiling, but one of the business partners said there wasn't any damage inside the restaurant.

Co-owner Jason Smith said they were closed at the time, but some employees were still inside when that roof debris left a hole in one of their walls, damaging the dining area. Smith said they were a little shaken up.

"They thought they got hit with a bunch of lightning, and they didn't even know all this stuff was out here," said co-owner Jason Smith. "They really didn't know what had happened.

"This is definitely no big deal at all," Smith said. "We may be down for business for a day or two but no one's hurt, and we'll get it up and running soon."


Storms late Wednesday damaged a Tulsa restaurant.  Phat Philly's is located near 13th and Peoria.