Phone Stolen From Woman In Wheelchair At Tulsa Wendy's

Monday, April 30th 2018, 10:32 pm
By: Justin Shrair

A man is caught on camera snatching a cell phone from a woman in a wheelchair at a Tulsa restaurant and walking out the door.

Carole Reynolds says her phone was snatched up in an instant and officers at Tulsa Police Department’s Mingo Valley Division are investigating.

The man was caught on surveillance video walking up to Reynolds’ table at Wendy’s, just seconds after she moved away.

Reynolds says when she got back to her table, her phone was gone.

 “He dove in and took my phone off the table and, I mean, thankfully they were quick at accessing the cameras and got very good footage,” said Reynolds.  “The first thing I did when I went back to Wendy’s is I looked around and saw the cameras and said, ‘can you pull those up?’”

Thankfully, she says the pictures on her phone were saved to her Google account, but she’s still working on getting back into her email and trying to recover her contacts.

“A lot of irritation, a lot of panic.  I had my, of course, my pictures and stuff on there.  I had my Facebook and all that accessed,” declared Reynolds.

Reynolds says she was able to disable her phone.  Now, she wants to help prevent this from happening again.

“Hopefully, it stops him from doing this to somebody else,” said Reynolds.  “If it’s not yours, leave it alone, especially somebody that’s in a wheelchair.  It’s not right to take stuff that’s not yours.”

If you recognize the man, call Tulsa Police.