Ranchers Continue To Support Western Oklahoma Fire Victims

Saturday, April 28th 2018, 6:55 pm
By: Amy Slanchik

The massive fires in western Oklahoma are now contained and two Incident Management Teams that helped out are heading home. 

Farmers and ranchers will soon see some relief after the historic wildfires.

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Folks throughout Green Country are donating thousands of dollars’ worth of hay and other items. 

Hundreds of bales of hay made their way to Woodward Saturday where they were divided up and given to folks in need. 

As conditions improve in the western part of the state after historic fires burned about 300,000 acres of land, many families are starting over. 

Even for those who weren't impacted by the flames, this is a tough time to give away hay.

"We're at the end of our hay season, so a lot of people are already short or out of hay. And they're donating items that they don't even know if they can spare," said Feed Store Owner Bear Roderick. 

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But no matter how tough it is, Oklahomans stepped up to make the convoy possible. 

"Just imagine everything that you've built in a hard-working industry just gets wiped out all at once," said Roderick. 

Roderick said last week, volunteers took feed and medication for animals who were injured.

This week, donations came from Claremore, Tahlequah, and the Chelsea FFA.

"Oh, it was great, they came in in the school bus and just unloaded, and they got to work," said Roderick.

And it's not just hay, but t-posts, water, and clothes too. 

"We've had churches donate used clothing items, baby playpens, toys," Roderick said. 

"Every little bit helps," said volunteer Brayden Harris. 

Volunteers like Harris made the nearly four-hour trip in their own trucks, paying for their own fuel. 

"Ranchers know other ranchers - they know people need help. And they need help bad right now," Harris said.  

Roderick estimates more than $15,000 dollars’ worth of donations were on the trip. 

If you would like to donate hay, it's not too late.

All you have to do is get in touch with Bear Roderick at the feed store in Collinsville at (918) 371-1855.