Police Escort Planned For Broken Arrow Student's Prom

Friday, April 27th 2018, 10:33 pm

A Broken Arrow High School student is excited after her dad stepped up to help find her a prom date. 

He took to social media to reach out to movie star Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson and The Kansas City Chiefs.  

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Broken Arrow's prom is Saturday night and while Effie Tripp isn't going with a celebrity, she does have a date.

And thanks to Effie's dad, Doug, it's going to be an incredible night that she will always remember.

"He just like pulled me out of class and was like, ‘hey, do you want to go to prom with me?’ and I didn't know what to say,” Effie said.

Once Effie gained her composure she said yes and paired up with James Taylor.

"Before all of this I was going to go with a group of friends," said Taylor. 

But now, thanks to Effie's dad, and a very public Facebook request to find his daughter a date, they have each other. 

"Just knowing she's going to be [probably] the most beautiful girl there, of course, I'm biased,” Doug said. 

They also have the support of the Broken Arrow Police Department. James' dad is a police officer and when his brother's in blue heard about their prom story, they reached out to area businesses; salons, photographers, and restaurants to make sure Saturday night is special.

"Certainly, there's something we could do,” thought Broken Arrow Police officer James Koch. “So, a few of our officers came together and immediately hit the ground running." 

"We've been able to secure hair, nails, makeup, photos, a police escort, dinner," Koch said.  

"I never expected it to go this far like this whole circle, I kinda expected it to be like, oh, yea this girl is going to prom alone," Effie said.  

But that won't be the case for this young lady, who will have a night to remember and a police force that's proud to help. 

"It feels good to help someone because that's why we all do the job we do is at the very end of the day we are here to help people," Koch said. 

And you heard that right, there will be a police escort.

Plans are still in the works, but it sounds like they will get a full escort from the police department to prom with cops leading the way in cars and on motorcycles. 

A night to remember for sure.