Jenks Parents, Students Welcome Back Teachers After Walkout

Friday, April 13th 2018, 1:56 pm
By: Joseph Holloway

Jenks Public Schools will be back in session Monday, but parents and students welcomed back teachers at a special meeting Friday at the High School.

Those parents and teachers said they know there's more work to do, but they wanted to celebrate what happened during the walkout.

Some teachers were moved to tears as parents and students welcomed them back with cheers.

Superintendent Dr. Stacey Butterfield joked that teachers can now be considered a special interest group after the walkout and said legislators learned to take them seriously.

Now, students and teachers turn their attention to the start of testing on Monday. Parent Heather Persson said her two children will be ready.

"It's just one day. It's not going to demonstrate my child's capability or everything they learned this year or what they've done, so we're ready for it. We'll be okay," she said.

District leaders said parents need to check with their child's school to figure out their testing schedule.