Jenks Public Schools Holds Teacher Job Fair In Midst Of Walkout

Wednesday, April 11th 2018, 9:32 pm
By: Justin Shrair

As teachers continue their walkout at the capitol, Jenks Public Schools is looking for the next generation of teachers.

Teachers say that the turnout at Wednesday’s job fair has been very different than in past years, but that hasn’t kept some candidates away.

“It’s quite different than it has been in past years,” said Suzanne Lair, the site principal at West Elementary.  “In past years we have had lines that can be 15 candidates deep.  This year it is very different.”

Lair says fewer candidates are choosing to stay in Oklahoma.  One possible reason education funding can be a tough sell.

“We definitely are having to look at some alternatively certified teachers,” stated Lair.

While that can be tough, it can also mean a more diverse teaching community.  For some prospective teachers, like Jenks alumna Tessa Pomeroy, the money issue is not a big deciding factor.

“I know that teachers here in my life, here at Jenks, have influenced me,” said Pomeroy.  “I would not be where I am right now if it weren’t for Jenks teachers.”

Pomeroy has family in Jenks.  She says she wants to be a teacher, not only for them, but for future students.  Taking her experiences and knowledge with her and sharing it with others.

“I have so many memories with so many teachers,” declared Pomeroy.

While there is more education funding coming, Pomeroy says she’s concentrating on keeping students educated and informed along the way, just like she was taught several years ago.

“Just the way that they’ve influenced me, I want to influence other kids and be there for them,” said Pomeroy.