Teachers March On Capitol To Demand Education Funding

Monday, April 2nd 2018, 7:45 pm
By: News On 6

Thousands of teachers, students and families marched on the capitol Monday, demanding better funding for Oklahoma schools. We followed a group of teachers and parents as they went office to office, trying to talk to lawmakers.

The say those choose to speak to lawmakers with the same respect they'd speak to students or how the way they'd want parents to talk to them, but other groups were more forceful in their approach.

A group called Oklahoma Parents and Educators for Public Education says their goal was to first, thank lawmakers for what they've done so far but then remind them, it's only a first step.

"We are here to impress upon them we need a continuous source of funding not just a one year bandaid and hope we just go away," said Allen Lehman.

Other lawmakers refused to meet with the group at all. One senator did and got confronted with some angry questions.

Educate Oklahoma

"Can you promise us the $50 million isn't coming from mental health or the department of corrections or some needy agency already?" one teacher asked.

Parents were also at the capitol to support teachers. They say lawmakers need to hear the personal stories teachers encounter to better understand the problems and fix them.

"Those legislators who vote no on everything, what are their solutions, what are their ideas to fund public education?" Tristy Fryer said.

Legislators said nothing new would happen in a day or two because it's a slow process, but those who did meet with our group said they're doing their best to be creative.