EMSA Settles Lawsuit With Federal Government

Monday, April 2nd 2018, 5:08 pm
By: News On 6

The EMSA Board of Trustees voted to settle a civil lawsuit for $300,000.

The lawsuit accused former director Steve Williamson of stealing tens of millions of dollars over two decades using an illegal profit cap model.

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In a news release, EMSA said, “The settlement agreement does not imply any liability or wrongdoing of any kind.” It says the settlement is in the best interest of patients and communities EMSA serves.

According to the lawsuit, the company was used to funnel more than $20 million from public entities through kickbacks and bribes arranged in cash payments. That money paid for political contributions, marketing expenses and expensive gifts for EMSA employees. According to the lawsuit, Williamson profited personally to the tune of $1,000 a month and also received more than $75,000 for travel expenses.

EMSA said the “profit cap was merely a cost-savings agreement that limited the total amount of money that EMSA owed to Paramedics Plus. Profit above the cap was returned to EMSA reducing fees paid by beneficiaries, and all funds classified as profit cap money was accounted for.”

In the news release, Jan Slater, chair of the EMSA Board of Trustees, said, “It became evident that nothing illegal transpired when the government deposed key personnel and tried to build a case against us. No evidence was found that any of the money EMSA received was mismanaged nor that any individual has been personally enriched.”

During a special session Monday, the board also appointed Jim Winham as permanent CEO and president.

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