Bartlesville Teachers Hold Rally Ahead Of March On State Capitol

Monday, April 2nd 2018, 5:06 am

The push for a statewide teacher walkout started in Bartlesville, where a rally was held for its teachers before they left for the capitol Monday.

It was an early start for hundreds of teachers as they met at Bartlesville High School. The group Public Education Advocates for Kids - or PEAK - coordinated the rally in the school's commons area.

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After several speeches and a brief prayer, the teachers got in their cars or boarded buses to head for the capitol.

Some teachers and supporters who stayed in Bartlesville held up signs supporting the walkout while others called legislators asking them to vote to restore funding for schools.

Teacher Sarah Stogner said she is going to the capitol to tell legislators that the bills they passed last week are not enough.

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"I'm a typically kind of positive person so I wanna kind of focus on the, ’It's great. The progress they've made is awesome,’ but also be honest that we still got work to do," she said.

PEAK said teachers who stayed in town will keep protesting throughout the day.