Claremore Bomb Threat Suspect 'Wanted To Test Police', Investigators Say

Wednesday, March 28th 2018, 5:11 pm
By: News On 6

Investigators are working right now to understand why Stephanie Montgomery would make a bomb threat against a school she had no connection to.

Police said Montgomery admitted to making the threat once she was in custody. 

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Police said Montgomery has lived in Claremore at least 3 years.

They said she does have kids but they never went to Claremore Public Schools and Montgomery never worked for the district. 

So why did she make the threat? 

Neighbors said they are trying to figure out the answer to that question too. 

"Unbelief. I couldn't believe it. It did not match anything that I have observed from Stephanie over the year that I have been here," said Neighbor Susanne. 

A woman we are calling Susanne has lived next door to Stephanie Montgomery for the last year. 

"Very pleasant. She is a very pleasant, sweet person," Susanne said.  

Susanne said she called Montgomery her hero.

For the past year, Susanne said Montgomery had been caring for her mother who was dying from COPD. 

"She would be mournful and depressed that she couldn't stop this and yet she stayed faithful to the end," said Susanne.  

Susanne said she was shocked to find out police arrested her neighbor in connection with the threat. 

Claremore Deputy Chief of Police Steve Cox said investigators uncovered the initial blocked call, then used that number to track Montgomery down.  

"Our investigators went to the address and they actually just simply knocked on the door and spoke to her on the front porch," said Cox.  

Deputy Chief Cox said Montgomery admitted she made the bomb threat but they are still trying to understand why. 

"What we do know is probably not satisfying but what she has told our investigators is she woke up angry and she wanted to test the police," said Cox.  

Claremore police said Montgomery is serving a deferred sentence for fraud charges out of Tulsa County.