Students, Parents React To Bomb Threat At Claremore Schools

Tuesday, March 27th 2018, 5:55 pm

Word of a bomb threat and evacuations at Claremore schools traveled fast and parents were soon picking up students to go home.

The school told students to evacuate, and go out empty handed.

“Everyone needed to evacuate the building and leave your bags in place, and this was not a drill,” said Summer Westley.

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After just a few minutes outside, students were told they were being moved again to get out of the rain.

Students were moved to the community center and, about an hour after the threat, told they should just go home.

Brieze Clark said, “we are on our way home because anyone with keys and an ID could go home.”

High school students old enough to drive were the first to leave.  Others were picked up by parents, who had been told only that a bomb threat had closed down school for the day.

“My heart dropped.  My heart dropped,” said parent Ellery Tapusoa.  “This is one thing you don’t want to put up with, especially when you have small angels.  These are your babies.”

A long line of parents waited at the library to get their children, but the district planned to stay as long as needed for parents unable to get there before the end of the day.

Students at the high school said that, despite being told to leave everything behind, the evacuation went smoothly.

The district ran regular bus routes from the pickup sites and, for children who normally walk home, required parents to come get them.