Rally For Teachers: Sand Springs Families Show Their Support

Tuesday, March 27th 2018, 5:37 am

Parents and kids at a Sand Springs school held a rally Tuesday to show support for their teachers ahead of the potential walkout.

Teachers walked into the Pratt Elementary School gym and saw it full of parents and kids loudly showing support for them.

Brenner Farr and his daughter Vivian, who is a second grader, made signs saying, "We love our Pratt teachers." Both said they want the teachers there to feel appreciated for what they do.

"They come in, they teach our kids, they help our kids, they help them with other things outside of the classroom," Brenner said.

Vivian said, "They were always there for us and we have a lot of fun when they teach us."

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The school's parent-teacher organization got the word out about the rally, and, despite the rain, they said they're happy with the turnout.

PTO members said everyone was welcome, from parents to retired teachers outside community members. They say they wanted to show how much they love and support the teachers at the school with a possible walkout less than a week away.

Superintendent Sherry Durkee said the teachers needed to see this.

"In their heart of hearts, I think they knew all along that the parental and community support was there, but hearing it, seeing it, getting phone calls, emails and letters, that's just inspiring," Durkee said.

Brenner Farr said it's important to invest in more funding and better teacher salaries because kids will benefit the most from it.

"Looking out to make sure our kids can read and they have the foundation right now in elementary school to be able to make it up to where we are right now and I could only do it because of the education I got in public schools," he said.