Local Businesses Impacted By Hours-Long Standoff

Wednesday, March 21st 2018, 5:49 pm
By: News On 6

Tulsa Police had to close down Admiral from East 73rd to East 78th due to an hours-long standoff.

Local businesses felt the impact and said the longer the standoff went, the less money they made.

By the time Susie Simpson and her coworker from American Red Cross got to the scene to hand out food and drink to the officers, police had been negotiating with Rush Hembree for seven hours.

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Hembree had barricaded himself in a motel room and refused to come out.

"They're [first responders] exhausted. Their adrenaline is really flowing and they're hungry," Simpson said.

The two women stayed on scene and delivered coffee, Gatorade and breakfast to first responders who had been working through the night.

"This is the most rewarding feeling a person can get. The firefighters and police officers come and say thanks for being here. No, we are here to support you, so thank you for what you're doing," Simpson said.

But as the standoff continued, businesses in the area started to feel the heat.

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"Usually it's packed, and we have not even a single customer now," said Virginia Gonzales with Admiral Laundromat.

Gonzales said she's frustrated with the man who barricaded himself inside the motel.

"It's gonna make a huge impact on us, yeah. And the longer this goes on the longer we go without customers," she said. "It affects my business. Why come to Tulsa and do this? I'm sure it affects everybody around here's business."

Police said despite the inconvenience, it's better to wait out a person rather than risk someone getting hurt.