Police: Injury At Austin Goodwill Store Not Related To Bombings

Wednesday, March 21st 2018, 2:41 am
By: News On 6

Police say there was no package explosion at a Goodwill store in Texas and that an item found earlier Tuesday night was not a bomb, but rather a military device that went off inside an employee's hand causing an injury.

It was also announced that this incident isn't linked to other incidents in Austin, but it did trigger a bomb scare.

"There is no reason for us to believe it is related to any of the other incidents that have occurred," Austin police assistant chief Ely Reyes said during a late Tuesday press conference.

Austin police had written earlier that the incident was not linked to previous package bombs:

Reyes said that military mementos -- including two "artillery simulators" -- were found in the box that was donated to Goodwill.

"That [Goodwill] employee took the box around the corner, and upon looking inside of it, it had two small devices that are artillery simulators that looked like some type of military ordinance or some type of memento," Reyes explained.

It was reported earlier that a flare was included in a bunch of donated items and as a Goodwill worker was sorting through the items in the box he was apparently burned by the flare.

A law enforcement official also said that everyone is on edge and that nobody would have thought twice about this incident if it weren't for the latest headlines about bombings in Texas.

A spokesperson said late Tuesday night that the patient was treated and released.

The Austin area has been hit by a string of bombings since March 2 that has killed two people and wounded four others seriously.