Tulsa Public Schools: Most Extra-Curricular Activities To Cease During Shutdown

Friday, March 16th 2018, 2:26 pm
By: News On 6

A Tulsa Public Schools document includes details about how the possible school shutdown will affect extra-curricular activities. 

Teachers across the state are planning to walk out on April 2, 2018, if the legislature doesn't come up with a way to increase funding for public education, including giving teachers a significant raise.

The document states:

.        “In the event there is a shutdown of TPS, district-run extracurricular programming will also cease in support of teachers’ efforts for professional salaries and improved working conditions.  This stoppage includes sports – with one exception.  We recognize that many of our varsity student athletes are counting on the college scholarship opportunities available through sports participation and we want to ensure that those options remain accessible.  Specifically, the district will continue to support its spring varsity teams by using administrative staff and lay (parent/volunteer) coaches to allow varsity-level practices, games, and competitions to continue.  If our teacher-coaches elect to participate in any of these activities, they may do so in coordination with our district’s athletic director Gil Cloud.”  It is our understanding that OSSAA-sanctioned activities like speech/debate will be treated as a varsity sport.

·         “Our school buildings will be closed to the public.  Employees on 12-month contracts and assigned Child Nutrition staff will continue working in school buildings.”

·         “We will provide breakfast and lunch using the summer service model:  food will be prepared in our kitchens and transported to designated meal sites.”

“Proms and national/international trips will continue.  Parents and community members will be asked to serve as chaperones for proms.  It will be up to each teacher to decide whether to participate in a trip.”

·         “We will open some buildings to allow students to complete the SAT.  We will ask 12-month employees to serve as test proctors.”

·         “As allowable by law, support team members will have the opportunity to work on projects that are typically held until the summer break.”

·         State testing will resume when school resumes.