Jenks School Board Approves 10-Day Shutdown

Thursday, March 15th 2018, 5:39 pm
By: News On 6

The Jenks school board unanimously voted to approve a 10-day shutdown starting April 2nd.

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That's 15 days shorter than some other districts.

The school board said they support their teachers, but they hope legislators act soon so these 10 days won't be necessary.

"As someone who was here and walked in 1990, I don't want to see it happen again," said Jenks Superintendent Dr. Stacy Butterfield.  

Butterfield said she's not shocked but disappointed the state has found itself in this position once again.

She said she hopes the 10-day walkout will spark some action from lawmakers.

"We're sending a message that we do not want our students to be out any longer than that. We don't want our students to be out even one day," Butterfield said. 

For the 12,000 students at Jenks, and every student across the state, School Board President Ron Barber said we have to do better.

"We've had diminished resources for 10 plus years now, and yet we're required to maintain the same standards for our students," said Barber. 

School board members said they feel like this shutdown is the only option left.

"Nothing else has worked, so I think this has to happen," said Jenks parent and school board member Melissa Abdo. 

But for 26-year teaching veteran and Jenks Classroom Teacher Association President Michael Horn, walking out is the worst case scenario.

"Ask any teacher, you'll get this response, the tears will come in their eyes. This is not what they want to do, this is not why we went into public education," said Horn. 

He said he hopes legislators can come to a compromise before then but either way, he'll be at the capital come April 2nd.

"I'm going on April 2nd. I'm taking a personal day no matter what and I hope to be going down there to tell them thank you," Horn said. 

Superintendent Butterfield said if lawmakers haven't taken action by the tenth day, they'll meet again to talk about how to handle the situation moving forward.