'SynDaver' A Practical Resource For TCC Students

Tuesday, October 31st 2017, 6:06 pm
By: News On 6

In an anatomy class in the occupational therapy program at Tulsa Community College, students got help from an assistant that looks a little creepy, but is perfect for Halloween.

“Janis” is a synthetic cadaver, or “SynDaver,” that gives students a practical alternative to a real cadaver.

"It is creepy. It is creepy but realistic," said Carla Hinkle, an associate professor in Allied Health in the Physical Therapy Assistant program. "The 'SynDaver' gives them a chance to…actually lift the muscles apart and feel where they attach and replicate how that movement is gonna happen."

With proper care, can 'live' forever; and to make sure that happens, “Janis” spends her nights in a water-filled coffin.

When class begins, students lift “Janis” up, put her on a gurney and then into the classroom.

Every now and then, during class, she gets spritzed to keep her moist.

Instructors said students are really creeped out at first, but they've gotten used to her by now.

"It really makes it easier cause it's such a visual for us. We are really blessed to have it," student Destiny Figler said.

TCC received "Janis" in April so this is the first semester to use her.