OSU Football: Gundy Talks Bedlam

Monday, October 30th 2017, 6:09 pm
By: John Holcomb

Ask most OSU fans what they want to see in Bedlam this Saturday and they’ll probably tell you they want to see their team fly around fast and aggressive, playing like their hair is on fire.

When Mike Gundy was asked if he’ll coach like his hair is on fire, he said, “If my hair was on fire, we'd be losing a lot of money, a lot of marketing money just so you know.”

He added, “I always coach myself first, and think, ‘Ok, am I motivating these guys right? Find the solution to the issues we have, put a plan in place, make it better, work hard, stay focused, hydration, sleep, nutrition, control everything that you can control, care about each other, play hard, have fun."

A healthy Mason Rudolph is one big key to success against the Sooners.

Gundy says while the senior quarterback only took a few reps in practice last Thursday before West Virginia, he’ll be fine.

"He needed a break,” he stated. “His body was beat up. He took some hits in the Texas game."

As for the recent series history, Gundy says they’ve put themselves in position.

Now, they just need to find a way to finish in the end.