Tulsa Couple Says New Roommate's Boyfriend Robbed Them

Monday, October 30th 2017, 5:30 pm
By: News On 6

A Tulsa couple said they're terrified after they said they were tied up and robbed at gunpoint by their new roommate's boyfriend. 

They said they lost everything and the men who robbed them are still out there.

Joe Peddycoart and his partner, Chris Smith, are visibly shaken after they say they were tied up with one of their roommates and robbed at gunpoint.

"I actually thought that we were going to die," Peddycoart said. 

The couple lives on South Olympia Avenue just outside downtown Tulsa.

A few weeks ago, the couple said they rented out their third bedroom to a woman named Ariana Breivik. 

Breivik met the couple through Craigslist. They said she seemed OK until she was arrested last week for missing a court appearance.

They said then, her boyfriend showed up Tuesday night to pick up some clothes he'd left at the house, and that's when things got ugly.

"One of them ended up tying us up after telling us to get on the floor, he pistol-whipped me in the back of the head and then made them go in the room," he said. 

They said the boyfriend and another man wearing a mask ransacked the house, stealing nearly everything of value, including the couple's car.

"We had a 55 inch TV with surround sound you can see where the speakers were," Peddycoart said. 

"Our phones, our computers, everything, our wallets, keys. We don't even have one house key to get in the house."

Joe and Chris are too afraid to go back home now and are moving out what's left of their things.

They said they don't know if Breivik had anything to do with the robbery, but said they feel taken advantage of and want answers.

"That's what I just don't get..we don't deserve any of this," Smith said. 

The couple did make a police report, but they said they don't know the boyfriend's name, just his face.

They're hoping someone will come forward who might know who the people are and where police can find them.