Owasso Stroke Victim Inspired By Event He Helped Create

Sunday, October 29th 2017, 11:06 pm
By: News On 6

Dozens of volunteers and athletes came together Sunday for the Amazing Games. 

It's a field day event for anyone with special needs to come out and compete for free.

This event is all about celebrating the strengths of the athletes who take the field.

And one of the games founders made a pretty special tribute to that strength Sunday.

The Amazing Games is a day for families, for volunteers, for special needs athletes young and old to come together and play ball. 

"The idea is to have fun," said Brooke Kirk. 

Athletes compete in several sports, win prizes, have some food, and maybe even get their face painted all completely free of charge.

The event takes a village of community members and businesses, families, nonprofits, and volunteers.

But any one of them will tell you, without hesitation, all the work is well worth it.

"This is a game, not of abilities but it's a game of heart," said Dr. JoeBob Kirk with Bailey Medical Center. 

For one of the Amazing Games founders, Doctor Joebob Kirk, these games symbolize the strength to overcome the obstacles many of these athletes face every day.

"They got grit. They got steel in their spine, they've got heart and to even be a remote part of that is just. It uplifts me, it uplifts all of us," said Dr. Kirk. 

And the games this year are also a symbol of the obstacles Dr. Kirk has faced this year.
In April, he had a stroke that shut his body down. 

Doctors gave him a 0% chance of survival. 

But against all odds, Kirk survived and pushed himself one step further.

"Imma walk across the field today. It won't be pretty but I will do it on my own," said Kirk. 

"In some small way, it's to honor those here who have fought this battle far longer than me," said Kirk, "They live it every day, mine has been relatively short-term and to climb some of the mountains that they do, my hat goes off to them."

Doctor Kirk is expected to make a full recovery. 

To learn more about the Amazing Games, visit their website.