Oklahoma Football Rivals Find Unity In Recovery

Friday, October 27th 2017, 10:59 pm
By: Justin Shrair

An Oklahoma hospital for children was recognized for taking care of two football players, one from Holdenville and another from Haskell.

The teams played each other Friday night, but also came together with a common goal.

Hundreds of people came out, braving cold temperatures to honor two young men as they continue to recover and make strides every day.

Applause and cheers filled the stands and football field in Holdenville as two competing teams and their fans thanked The Children's Center Rehabilitation Hospital.

Each team showing support for a place that helped one of their own.

"I'm here to honor them, and to honor their families and their communities for what they've done for the kids," said Uwe Von Schamann, former NFL and University of Oklahoma football player.

Haskell Football Player Reuben Thomas and Holdenville player Oske Lowe were both treated at the children's hospital at about the same time.

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Schamann presented the game ball and was given a jersey to take back to the place that helped the young men. 

"They've been wonderful so great, they treated him like, he was their own child," said Nancy Randall, Lowe's mother.

Thomas went to the hospital after getting hurt during a football game last year. Lowe needed to recover from a blood clot. His mother said while he's still healing, everyone at the hospital treated her son like family.

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"There's just so much you can say about the children's center, the staff, the doctors, everyone. It's from top to bottom. They are all family," Randall said.

Schamann said although football has a special place in his heart, helping children heal is his priority.

"At the children's center, its all about the team and accomplishing goals together and celebrating each stepping stone," he said.

The two competing teams continue fighting to win while also supporting one another - both on and off the field.

A person representing Reuben's family declined to speak on camera but did thank the hospital for all they've done.