Man Arrested In Deadly Sand Springs Burglary

Friday, October 27th 2017, 1:43 pm

A teenager is in jail after Sand Spring's first homicide of the year.

Police said two men broke into a house and the homeowner fired shots at them, killing one.

The homeowner lives across the street, but police said he stayed here overnight to keep an eye on his property after someone broke in earlier in the day.

Police said Lowell Dodson called 911 after firing shots at two men who broke into his property. 

He told the dispatcher one man ran away.

"I don't want to kill you. So don't move," the homeowner, Lowell Dodson said. 

And the other was still with him. 

Dispatcher: "And you have him inside your house? 

Lowell: "I do. I'm holding him at gunpoint."

Dispatcher: "Sure. Hang on just one second."

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When officers got to the house on North Franklin, James Patterson was outside, where he died, said Captain Todd Enzbrenner. 

"When we show up and there's a body outside, the investigation is a little more intense in that - he's not inside. Does that make sense? So, was he shot outside? Was he shot inside?" Enzbrenner said. 

The homeowner told police he saw someone illuminated by a light.

"When he confronted him with voice commands, the light went off. He saw a rustle of people, thought they were coming at him," he said. 

Police said that's when the homeowner started firing shots.

Officers said James Patterson ran and was shot once in the chest.

"He just started firing his weapon. And he didn't know that he shot anybody. Until we got there," Enzbrenner said. 

While waiting for police, the homeowner held Brandon Gray at gunpoint.

"Put that cigarette out, and do it right now," Dodson said to Gray.

He's now under arrest for first-degree burglary and first-degree murder.

Buffy Degraffenreed is James Patterson's aunt, who said she's stunned by what happened.  

"Think of his children, what they're gonna think now. Their father's gone," Degraffenreed said. 

Just two weeks ago, police arrested Patterson for domestic violence.

Officers said the victim in that situation was Brandon Gray, who is now in custody.