Tulsa Hotel Guest Catches Thief

Thursday, October 26th 2017, 7:58 pm
By: News On 6

A Green Country woman shot a video that led to the recovery of stolen items and also an arrest.

Johnna Kelley was a guest at a Tulsa hotel when she realized some of her bags were missing. 
Kelley said she was attending a conference in Tulsa, but her car was at the dealership, so when it was time to check out, she asked a hotel employee if there was a place she could stash her bags. 

She said the employee let her put the bags in a room and said they'd be safe, but, when Johnna returned, she said some of her bags were missing.

Kelly said that's when the employee, named Kathy, grabbed her purse to leave but Johnna's gut instinct told her not to let that happen.

"I asked the [boss], what time does she get off work? She said, not now.  So, why would she be leaving with her purse? You either stop her or I'm going to. Get the police here now," said Kelley.

She said that's when she started recording. As the boss took Kathy and Johnna into a back room and had Kathy empty her purse and sure enough, out came Johnna's black coach jewelry bag.

Kelley said police found more of her stolen items hidden under a desk where Kathy worked.

"They found two hotel bags, hotel garment bags used for dirty clothes, wrapped up with two of my bags inside and a pink jacket of Kathy's and my brown leather boots," said Kelley.

She said another employee handed over Kelley’s perfume, saying Kathy had given it to her.
Police arrested Kathy Cline for grand larceny. Kelley is still missing about a thousand dollars’ worth of items.

"I'm hurt and upset it happened but I know yesterday, more things happened to someone else that's a whole lot worse," Kelley said.
Kelley said the police officers were so wonderful, she even took a selfie with them after it was over.