Oklahoma Mother Assaulted While Holding Infant Son

Wednesday, October 25th 2017, 9:48 pm
By: Amy Avery

Video of an apparent assault on an Oklahoma mother and her child is now viral.

The incident happened in Broken Bow, but a local department is dealing with some of the fallout.

Even though Broken Bow is more than 200 miles away, the Broken Arrow Police Department is getting questions as to why they didn't do something about it.

"They said that I said something about somebody wanting to fight somebody that I had no idea what they was talking about,” said Janie McCoy, the victim of the assault.

The video has been viewed nearly eight million times on Facebook and YouTube.

“We've had people from Germany, Uganda, inboxing us on messenger talking to us,” said Janie’s father Jeremy McCoy. “It's very overwhelming.”

Janie says several women confronted her and wanted to fight while she was holding her six-month-old son.

"In that moment, I did not want to fight,” she said. “I had my son with me, and if you know me, then you know that my kid comes first."

Janie suffered a bruised face and a busted lip but said her baby wasn’t hurt.

Broken Bow Police told News on 6 that one person has been arrested and a second arrest could be on the way.

Now a Police Department closer to home is dealing with some of the fallout.

“I think people, who especially are from out of state since this video has gone viral, are unaware with the difference between Broken Bow and Broken Arrow,” said Broken Arrow officer James Koch.

Koch says they've received several comments and messages asking them why they didn't do anything about it, but it's not in their jurisdiction, so they wanted to clear the air by posting a link to the story.

“It’s hard to keep up with inquiries; it’s hard to keep up with information requests like that,” said Koch. “It’s hard to just flat answer questions because there’s so many of them when something goes viral.”

A change.org petition was started to help get justice for Janie.

There are over 10,800 signatures on it already and it was just started two days ago.

News On 6 will continue to follow this as it develops.