Montgomery, Players Talk Loss To UConn, Upcoming Matchup Against SMU

Tuesday, October 24th 2017, 4:16 pm

For the third time this season, a Tulsa football game came down to the last play, and for the third time this season, it didn't go the Golden Hurricane's way.

"Ran out of time, wish we had a little bit more,” said head coach Philip Montgomery. “More importantly, we should have taken advantage of it early."

On each of TU's first two drives, they had plays of at least 30 yards and ended up punting. In fact, they had seven plays of at least 15 yards in the first half and ended up with zero points.

"We'd have a big play and then we were not consistent on the next two,” Montgomery explained. “You end yourself up in some third down and long situations."

Freshman running back Shamari Brooks said, "Just being more efficient on first down, getting yards on first down and trying not to get behind the chains."

"Consistency at a lot of different positions, everybody has to be on the same page,” Montgomery added. “We can't have ten guys doing the right thing one guy not.”

Making this week even more difficult for TU is the schedule. They travel to SMU on Friday, the first of three straight non-Saturday games for the Hurricane.

"It's kind of thrown a wrench in a lot of deals,” said Montgomery. “You have to adjust it. Practice schedule this week is extremely different than what we've been doing."

Montgomery also admits that while travel is an issue everywhere, it's especially tough in the American.