Contractor Leaves Bag With Drugs, Needles, Sex Toy In Tulsa Woman's Home

Monday, October 23rd 2017, 5:59 pm
By: News On 6

A Tulsa woman having remodeling done on her house says one of the workers left something shocking behind: a bag containing a sex toy, drugs, needles and a smoking pipe.

Ari says after the shock wore off from what she found at her house, she called the police department and turned over that bag of drugs and paraphernalia to police at the Eastside division.

"It was right down in this vanity, just sitting right there,” she said.

She immediately began taking pictures. In addition to the toy, she found two kinds of needles, a glass smoking pipe with residue in it and a prescription bottle with the worker's full name on it. Inside the pill bottle was a small baggie with a white crystal substance inside.

"I can't believe he brought that stuff into my house,” said Ari.

She immediately called his boss to say John wasn't allowed back inside her home, and then she called police.

Now, she's worried about the quality of work he did if he was using drugs. But mostly, she's worried about her family's safety since John had recently changed her locks.

"I want the locks changed by the company who put me in this risk,” she said.

The project manager for Ari's remodeling says he fired John immediately and told me it shouldn't be a problem to change the locks.

He told me John wasn't doing any electrical or plumbing work just jobs like putting up shower doors, installing toilets and putting on outlet covers.

But, Ari says she saw him do electrical and plumbing jobs.

The state construction industries board says John’s apprentice electrician's license expired in October of 2012 and he's never been licensed to do plumbing work.