Death Of Horse Being Investigated By Tulsa Police

Monday, October 23rd 2017, 2:04 pm
By: News On 6

Police are investigating after a horse was found dead lying in a pool of blood near Pine and Yale. 

The owner of the horse says he thinks someone shot the horse, but investigators still aren't sure what injured the horse.

The trail of blood started in a field behind some shop buildings and goes out onto Tecumseh where the horse walked about 100 yards and then laid down on the side of the road.

That's when neighbors came out to help.

City of Tulsa crews removed the body of a horse from a stretch of Tecumseh near Pine and Yale.

The horse was found late Sunday night dying in the street.

"Blood everywhere, I mean, it was and there's still blood all over the street,” said Darren Neel.

Neel lives across the street from where the horse was found. He says he walked outside and saw a driver stopped in the street with a horse.

"He said the horse was stomping and he calmed her down and got her to lay down in the street,” said Neel.

Neel says he was there, waiting for police to arrive when the horse took her last breath.

"Maybe ten minutes after that they showed up,” he stated.

Bobby Foreman, the man who claims to own the horse lives here at a pallet yard just a few doors down.

"I'm mad,” he said. “I'm angry."

Foreman claims he tied the horse up Sunday night and went to bed and woke up to find the horse gone. He says he went looking for her with a friend who told him people in the neighborhood believed she was shot.

Neel says he never heard anything, not a single shot.

"It's kind of strange,” he stated.

Neel says whoever did kill the horse needs to be caught.

“Who around here would do that? It's kind of scary,” he said. "I don't trust the neighborhood no more."

Tulsa police tell News On 6 they did not shoot the horse but are looking for the person who did.

Tulsa City dead animal crews took the horse to dispose of it.