Tulsa Family Loses Treasured Possessions In Moving Trailer Theft

Thursday, October 19th 2017, 5:33 pm
By: News On 6

A Tulsa family wants to warn others about an app thieves are using to steal from Green Country families.

The couple said they don't think they will ever get their things back but they want to share their story so what happened to them doesn't happen to anyone else.

Ashley Long and her family are getting ready to move. While they pack up their home, the Long's decided the leave a trailer filled with some of their belongings in a close friend's driveway.

On Tuesday, they got a call they were not expecting.

"Oh my God, I just went outside and your trailer's not here," Long said.

The trailer was packed with thousands of dollars’ worth of furniture, a TV, golf clubs and furnishings.

But Long said it’s not the material items that she will miss the most, it’s her children's scrapbooks, love letters between her and her husband, the outfits her children wore home from the hospital.

"Memorabilia is the most important thing. That is something that insurance can't replace," she said.

To make matters worse, the Long's found out their trailer was posted on an app called letgo for sale for $1,700.

"It said it was posted 19 hours previous to when it got stolen," Long said.

The couple thinks the suspects drove through the neighborhood and took a picture of the trailer days before the crime, sold the trailer to someone on the app and then went back to steal it.

Tulsa Police Sargent Shane Tuell said it's a crime they see all the time.

"When people steal other people's stuff they want a quick release of that stuff, so they will get to those apps and or other social media sites and quickly try and get rid of it for money," he said.

The money the Long family saved up to go on vacation for their 11-year anniversary is now being put towards deductibles. They have thousands of dollars‘ worth of belongings that are missing and boxes of memories they worry they might never see again.

The family hopes that others will learn from what happened to them.

Long said neighbors need to watch out for one another, get surveillance cameras and stay alert.

"Instead of finding ways to steal from people, they need to find ways to get a job. Help the economy out. Stop making hard working people lose their things that they've worked so hard for," she said.

Tuell said there are things you can do to help police track your belongings if something gets stolen.

He said to go through your house and document anything that's valuable and write down serial numbers and model numbers.