Accused Of Kickback Scheme, EMSA CEO Announces Resignation

Tuesday, October 17th 2017, 7:56 am

The CEO of Tulsa’s ambulance service resigned Tuesday morning. The resignation will be effect October 19, 2017.

Steve Williamson retired after almost 40 years on the job, and, as federal prosecutors charge he took kickbacks on the job.

The resignation eliminates the criticism that EMSA faced over Williamson remaining on the job while under federal scrutiny and a pending trial.

"The timing of this retirement allows the focus to shift back on the high quality of care EMSA continues to provide, without any further distraction,” said EMSA CEO Steve Williamson.

He's referring to two lawsuits that include the allegation Williamson took up to $50,000 in kickbacks from an EMSA contractor.

It's part of a much larger federal investigation into Texas based Paramedics Plus, the company that formerly supplied paramedics for EMSA.

EMSA recently asked the Tulsa City Council to approve a rate increase to cover up to $2 million in legal fees.

The council rejected the rate increase after several councilors complained that EMSA needed to clean house before asking for more money.

Tuesday, the EMSA board and Williamson reached a mutual agreement, with details hashed out between lawyers and the board in a two-hour private meeting.

"EMSA would provide the following consideration to Williamson in exchange for a full release of any and all claims that Williamson may have against EMSA,” stated EMSA Board member Jan Slater.

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Williamson will recieve 60 days pay as severance.

That's $44,000.

EMSA will also pay all of his attorney fees through November 8th and pay up to $25,000 per month after that for eight months.

The federal case against Williamson could go to trial by then or be resolved some other way.

EMSA is the ambulance service for both Tulsa and Oklahoma and many suburbs.

Williamson's salary is $266 thousand dollars a year.