Woman Says Man With Knives Followed Her Down Skiatook Trail

Monday, October 16th 2017, 9:11 pm
By: News On 6

A Skiatook woman is sending out a warning after she says she was chased down a trail with her five-month-old daughter.

The Osage Prairie trails run for miles and most of it is pretty isolated.

That woman says if it hadn't been for someone riding by on a bike, she doesn't want to think about what could have happened next.

"Now, I don't feel so safe,” said jogger Lindsay Tice.

Tice used to run on the trail about four times a week. She says she'll never come back.

Saturday afternoon while pushing her five-month-old daughter in a jogging stroller, she says a man on the trail caught her attention for the wrong reasons.

“I noticed he kept turning around looking at me and I thought maybe I’m just overreacting,” she said.

She says as she got closer to him, he stood in the middle of the trail staring.

That's when her instincts kicked in and told her to run.

She says he kept following but eventually disappeared into the woods.

"When he popped back up out of the woods he was closer to me like he had been running in the woods toward my direction,” said Tice.

Osage County Sheriff's representatives say this should not spark panic.

But if you do come to the trail, do like Lindsey and trust your gut. Most of the trail is not well lit so come out here during the day, preferably in pairs. And if necessary, bring something to defend yourself.

Tice says while she was running away she called police and flagged down a man riding a bike but even that didn't stop him.

"As I would walk to one side of the trail with the man, the guy would go to the same side of the trail I was walking,” she recalled.

She later found out from police who showed up that the man had two knives on him.

"Had I decided for whatever reason to run past him, I truly believe I wouldn't be here or be really injured and so would she,” said Tice.

Police did arrest the man for outstanding warrants.

Tice and her baby weren't hurt.