Builders Giving Partial Makeover To Blue Whale Seek Helpers, Donations

Tuesday, October 3rd 2017, 6:59 pm

Catoosa's Blue Whale is getting a partial makeover soon. The plans started with a couple visiting on their honeymoon.

The Blue Whale is a Route 66 icon, but it's not backed by some big donor or a big company, it survives off donations, volunteers and souvenir sales, which is why parts of the park surrounding the whale are overdue for some maintenance.

The Blue Whale itself could use a paint job, but there are some features of the park that need to be replaced.

Some of the children's tables are broken and the dock and lifeguard stand need to be rebuilt, but it was a couple passing through - builders from Oklahoma City - who decided to come back and work first on the lighthouse that is blocked off to keep children off it.

"They are going to build a walkway up to it so children can get in it easier and put a whole new bottom in. We won't have to worry about their little feet hurt or anything else, and that's, to us, it's amazing," Linda Hobbs with the Blue Whale said.

The builders are planning a work day Friday and looking for help and donations.

Anyone interested in helping may contact Hobbs at 918-232-5098 or the Blue Whale Park at 918-694-7390.