Man Wielding Shotgun In Pawnee County Road Rage Video Now In Custody

Tuesday, September 19th 2017, 3:54 pm

The man wielding a shotgun in a Pawnee County road rage incident caught on camera is now in custody.

Pawnee County Sheriff Mike Waters said Randy Watkins turned himself in Tuesday morning after the video of a road rage confrontation between motorists and motorcyclists went viral.

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The sheriff said Watkins is charged with robbery with a weapon, assault and battery with a dangerous weapon and knowingly concealing stolen property.

Court records show Randy Watkins' brother, Russell "Rusty" Watkins, is charged with assault and battery and accessory to robbery with a weapon. He has not yet been arrested.

The sheriff said Rusty Watkins is the man who beat up one of the bikers.

Rusty, the sheriff said, is also the man seen driving early in the video in the dark colored truck.

Watch The Full Video Here

Waters said he has seen a second video that he believes shows Rusty Watkins instigated the entire event, which the sheriff said started with Rusty Watkins cutting off one of the bikers.

A third man, Paul Wiseley, was arrested last week. He's the man seen armed with a knife in the video. He's charged with assault and battery with a dangerous weapon and robbery with a weapon.

In the video, you hear the suspects tell the bikers they can't have their go-pro camera back. The bikers had another go-pro recording at the time that the suspects did not notice.

News On 6 spoke with Randy Watkins after the video was posted. He told us he was “there to protect my family.”

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He told us about 12 bikers were following his brother for about 14 miles, harassing him and yelling for him to pull over. He said his brother called him and he headed their direction.

“I heard my nieces and nephew and sister-in-law crying, and the sound of my brother's voice on the phone,” he said.

Watkins told us the shotgun was just to scare the bikers aware and that he didn’t mean any harm, but said he wished he’d left it in the truck.

Eventually, Watkins put the weapon away and went to help the biker in the ditch. He said when all was said and done, everyone apologized, shook hands and went on their way.