Tulsa Couple Attacked While Sleeping

Friday, September 15th 2017, 6:34 pm
By: News On 6

Three people, who police say broke into an East Tulsa home, attacked a sleeping couple.

Neighbors said the couple who was attacked last night have lived in that same home for more than two decades.
They haven't had to deal with much crime, until recently.

Marsha Meryhew raised her children in this quaint, East Tulsa neighborhood. 

Now, she's watching her grandchildren grow up in the same home. 

"It is a quiet neighborhood. We don't have a lot of issues or anything." Meryhew said.

The community here is close. Many of them have lived in this area for decades. 

Meryhew said, “Our kids all grew up together, we've all known each other for years now."

But she said lately this usually "safe space" has been hit by crime. 

Tulsa Police were called to this east Tulsa home just after one o'clock Friday morning. 

Police said 3 men broke down the front door, went straight into the master bedroom, and attacked the sleeping couple inside. 

Officer Jeanne MacKenzie of the Tulsa Police said, "they pistol-whipped the female and then went to the male occupant and started demanding money from him and then shot him in the leg." 

"They immediately started with violence," MacKenzie said.

After the attack, police say the men left empty-handed. 

"They knew the layout of the home, they knew where that master bedroom was so most likely there is some kind of connection there," MacKenzie said.

Neighbors tell me they doubt the couple knew their attackers

"I can't see any reason that anybody would want to hurt or target them for any reason. I can't see that at all." Said their neighbor Marsha Meryhew.

The couple is rattled, but recovering tonight.

If you have any information on this attack, call CrimeStoppers.