Warning Issued About Buying Flood-Damaged Vehicles

Thursday, September 14th 2017, 6:07 am
By: News On 6

As the cleanup continues in hurricane-ravaged Houston and across Florida, Tulsa area auto repair shops are warning buyers to be on the lookout for flooded vehicles. 

It is not illegal to sell a flooded vehicle, as long as the seller discloses that fact. So says Tommy Keeter, who's the owner of Christian Brothers Automotive in south Tulsa.

He says there are a few surefire ways to determine if a car is flooded.

Keeter says first check to see if there is rust on the brake rotors, brake lines and axles.  He says that is a big sign.  

Another is the vehicle's computer components. 

Tommy Keeter says when water gets to your car's computer components, its like dropping a cell phone into in water.  He says there is no easy way for a consumer to check that themselves.

He says have the vehicle inspected by a trusted tech before you buy it.

In addition, Keeter suggests visiting the the National Insurance Crime Bureau's website to check the vehicle's history.