9-Month-Old Boy Dies After Suffering Severe Head Trauma, TPD Says

Wednesday, September 13th 2017, 1:09 pm
By: News On 6

Tulsa Police say a 9-month-old boy who suffered a massive head injury at a metro motel did not survive.

Doctors said Ryker's injuries were equal to being dropped from a second or third story window onto concrete or being ejected from a car crash.

Police arrested Ryker's mother's boyfriend, Ezekiel Hadithy, on complaints of abuse and neglect. He has since been arrested on a complaint of child abuse murder.

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Police said Hadithy first told police he'd gone to do laundry and when he came back, the baby had fallen out of bed.

They said when they told him there was no way the injuries came from falling out of bed, he changed his story.

"To say he'd taken the child downstairs with him to do laundry and while down there, had dropped the baby on his head," Cpl. Mark Kraft with TPD Child Crisis said. 

They say he told them he waited about 10 minutes, woke up Ryker's mother and she called 911, but, doctors say the baby had no pulse and was brain dead.

OU Children's Advocacy Center Doctor Sarah Passmore says traumatic brain injuries rarely happen from short falls.

"When we see the larger brain injuries it is from a very noticeable incident," Passmore said. "It is not an insignificant accident that causes it. Their large heads with proportions to their bodies, their different brain makeup, their weak neck muscles, they are prone to injury through shaking or trauma to the head."

Police originally arrested Hadithy for child abuse injury but upgraded that to child abuse murder Wednesday afternoon.