TPD Child Crisis Detectives Say Abused Baby Not Expected To Survive

Tuesday, September 12th 2017, 6:48 pm
By: News On 6

Police say a 9-month-old baby is brain dead after a massive head injury, and the boyfriend of the baby's mother is in jail Tuesday, accused of the abuse. 

He is identified as Ezekiel Wayne Hadithy, 38, of Tulsa.

Doctors say the baby's injuries are consistent with falling from a 2nd or 3rd story window onto concrete or being ejected from a car crash.

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The mother of the baby, whose name is Ryker, started a Facebook page for him in June, saying he was one of the cutest, sweetest babies in the world and he loves his family.

However, police say the baby suffered greatly when someone hurt him badly enough to damage his brain inside his skull.

Detectives arrested Hadithy for child abuse and neglect.

They say he first told police he'd gone to do laundry and when he came back, the baby had fallen out of bed. That is something they hear a lot, police said. 

"All the time, it's the usual response, they fell off the bed or fell out of the chair or something to that nature," said Cpl. Mark Kraft with TPD Child Crisis. 

They say when they told him there was no way the injuries came from falling out of bed, he changed his story.

"To say he'd taken the child downstairs with him to do laundry and while down there, had dropped the baby on his head," Kraft said. 

They say he told them he waited about 10 minutes, woke up Ryker's mother and she called 911, but, doctors say the baby had no pulse and was brain dead.

Detectives say Hadithy offered no other explanations or reasons for the baby's injuries, and it's a situation all too familiar to those who work crimes against children.

"It's frustrating because we see it on a weekly, often daily basis. [It] seems to never stop," he said. 

Police say they don't expect Ryker to survive. If he doesn't, they plan to upgrade the charge against Hadithy to child abuse murder. 

Hadithy was booked into the Tulsa County jail on complaints including child abuse by injury and child neglect.